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Spring Cleaning: Lighten Your Load by Making It a Family Affair

February 13, 2023

Overwhelmed at the thought of spring cleaning? Worried you may not be able to trim the hedges or wash the windows on your own? It may be time to call in resources to make spring cleaning a family affair.

Studies have shown that intergenerational activities – even chores! – are mutually beneficial for children and older adults. Time together, as well as increased sense of purpose and self-esteem are reasons to team up and check items off your cleaning list.

Let the most able-bodied person in the family do the climbing and heavy lifting. The tasks below are good for varying ages and abilities.

Low impact tasks:

  • Sweeping
  • Washing windows
  • Spreading seed or fertilizer in the yard
  • Cleaning outdoor furniture
  • Turning the outdoor water back on

Seated tasks:

  • Planting flowers
  • Watering gardens
  • Folding winter clothes to be stored
  • Calling to schedule spring services

Age-friendly tasks:

  • Pulling weeds
  • Carrying flowers and plants
  • Picking up sticks

By working as a team, everyone can contribute, enjoy spending time together and complete the spring cleaning list.